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November 2016, Ultimate Diesel Test Data - Siemens,Denso and Delphi commonrail update V3.0 - NEW UPDATE!!

November 2016, Ultimate Correction Code Calculator - DELPHI C2i - NEW BETA UPDATE!!

October 2016, Ultimate Correction Code Calculator - BOSCH IMA CODE - NEW BETA UPDATE!!

November 2015, Ultimate Diesel Test Data - NEW UPDATE!!

November 2015, Ultimate Correction Code Calculator

August 2014, Ultimate Diesel Test Data - CR pumps test plans added!

May 2014, Ultimate Diesel Test Data CRR920 - repair stage 3 data updated!

February 2014, Auto Info 2014 update!

November 2013, Ultimate Diesel Test Data - Delphi test plans added!

April 2013, ultimate workshop system is in beta stage. preview availabe here.

September 2012, added BIP data to 0 414 pumps

Jully 2012, data for common rail repair stage 3 added.

June 2012, It was really hard months for us, but we finnaly managed to finish full common rail and VP44 pump data.


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